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"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your work and support in getting me ready to appear on The Heart of Alberta compilation CD. I was so excited when you contacted me about it, but I wasn't sure if it would be feasible for me to do. However, you went above and beyond to ensure that I would be able to take this opportunity - making sure that I would have studio time at a discounted rate, helping me with song selection, volunteering to play drums on the tracks because I didn't have a drummer, staying in the studio to offer your input and expertise. I have been so amazed at your heart and dedication. It is really obvious to me that you really care and believe in the artists to whom you are giving this opportunity. Thank you for giving me confidence in my music - that is absolutely priceless."

-Judith Lam, Singer/Songwriter

"Just like the record label name, Cyclone is the only way we can describe what Brad Trew and Cyclone Records has done for us in such a short period of time. Being in the music industry for many years now, we have had our share of ups and downs, and running into people and so-called industry figures that have done nothing but talk, and fill us with empty promises. But, within days of signing on with Cyclone Records, it was proven to us that Cyclone Records is on top of their game! We didn't think that there was any feeling and heart left in the industry today. We were wrong! Cyclone Records actually cares about the bands on their roster. In the short period of time working with Cyclone Records, we have inked a deal through the label to make our music available on iTunes to increase our international exposure. Cyclone Records has also made it possible for us to reach the whole world with our music, getting us radio play on numerous Podcasts from around the globe. In doing so we have been getting AMAZING reviews of our singles, we have been asked for interviews and line clips for these Podcast radio shows. We are also looking at being added to major music festivals in the summer of 2006, and talks of a tour with label mates are in the works. Cyclone Records has also put our debut CD in the hands of Ezines and magazines from around the world for review. We cannot stress enough, that NONE of these things would have been possible without Cyclone Records in our corner. We feel honoured to be working with Brad Trew and Cyclone Records. Up until now it felt like we were climbing up slippery hills, and now we believe we can safely say, that we are able to dig into that hill, and with Cyclone Records, make it to the summit !! Simply Amazing!!"

-Pitch Union

"Cyclone Records have played a pivotal role in the development of our band. They have helped us in more ways than one. Not only do they provide an equal support base for all of their bands on the roster (CD Compilations), they also provide top quality artist services as well. Cyclone clearly stands above the rest for independent band support."

-Warren Bauman, Blind Army

"You are amazing and extremely helpful. You have helped me out so much. You are truly a genius! I could never have done this without you. The dream I've had to do this always seemed so impossible. Because of you, I feel like I can achieve anything. Thank you for everything!!"

-Nadine Adam, Singer/Songwriter

"Brad Trew has been upfront, dedicated and most of all interested in our project. It is a pleasure to work with an honest individual in a business infamous for being just the opposite."

-Marc Belisle, Double Jack

"In the music industry today it is rare to find anyone with as much professionalism, dedication, understanding and genuine concern for the artists he represents, as Brad from Cyclone Records. Despite the many bands on the Cyclone roster, you always feel like you are important and your needs are a priority. Cyclone Records allows artists the opportunity to take it to the next level. Thanks for everything."

-Devin Tretiak, Download

"Working with Brad has been a real pleasure. He has alot of passion, knowledge and experience working with independant bands. This can be a tough business but Brad is one of those guys that makes things a little easier, answering his emails/phone promptly, using his industry contacts and doing what it takes to get things done. This became evident for us when he stayed up till 3:00am to pick up our final master before an early flight. I look forward to working with Brad and Cyclone Records in the future."

-Sean Goebel, Good Question

"Working with Brad Trew and Cyclone Records has always been a pleasure. As struggling artists in the music industry, it has been such a privilege to work with someone who is not only professional and hardworking, but also shows an honest appreciation for the music.

We were extremely pleased with the quality of our CD that we had replicated at Sony through Brad Trew. And not only did Brad work with us closely on the artwork of the CD, in order to make sure it was flawless; he shows ongoing support by coming frequently to our live shows, and helping us out with our merch sales and promotion...

Cyclone Records provides quality services with integrity."

-Creature Republic

"Cyclone Records has been amazing for us to work with. The label continues to push us forward in our career and land great opportunities for us. From releasing "Signals Screaming" and promoting the album to getting us on tour, Cyclone is all about integrity and results."

-Steve Moore, Inner Surge

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